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Hello, I’m Mitch Beneke and I would love to help place your business at the top of Google.  Why does being on the first page help your business? Good question!  Well over 92% of all traffic and searches will only stay on the 1st page of Google. That means page 2 and beyond will rarely if ever be seen.


More than likely you found this page by the power of search engine optimization. Baton Rouge is known for some of the largest digital ad agencies in Louisiana and terms like Baton Rouge SEO Expert are highly competitive. If I can rank keywords like these, imagine what I could do for your business.


Searchbounce is the best Baton Rouge SEO Agency you will find because this is our sole focus unlike many marketing firms who focus more on website looks. In fact I'm on call with other firms that outsource their SEO work and it's important when speaking with a marketing firm that you make sure they will be the ones doing the work. Saves money and if your website needs immediate attention you want to be able to get in touch directly with the people who are optimizing your site.  We start our clients by optimizing their site first then working on conversion second because establishing a steady flow of online traffic is what's going to get your more business quickly.


We follow a proven system that’s been used to rank businesses and achieve online success. We are the #1 SEO Firm in Louisiana and specialize in Local SEO and Niche Marketing for businesses.


Here's where to start:


Every successful client of ours started by filling out our discovery application so we ask your business to do the same. We need some basic information to analyze your site to ensure our services are a good fit. After that we’ll put together a technical analysis of your business website and provide a free consultation that'll lay out a road map of how your online traffic can be improved. We operate at the highest level of integrity and Searchbounce is one of the few SEO firms that guarantees a page 1 result on Google, or your money back.  No contracts, no obligation to continue if you don’t feel our services are worth the cost.