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Social Check-in Option Lets Users Post They're At Your Business

Social check-in gives customers the option to tweet out that they're visiting your business after they log in through social wifi. This gives your business free promotion through your customers who have let their friends & followers know what businesses they like to visit. The tweets can be pre-written and updated to include offers, discounts or events that are happening that day.

Automatically Adds Customers To Marketing Campaigns
As soon as a customer logs into the wifi network it pulls their information and adds it to campaigns that have been pre-set up. These can be existing campaigns you've been running or new ones that have been set up specially for active customers & repeat customers. No more manually entering sign-up information or having to import user information into your existing lists. You can retarget customers as soon as they login or days and weeks later.
Captures Users Actual Contact Information
When logging in a user has the option to login through their social media account or text verification. The information that is gathered is the email account or phone number that is associated with the users social media account or the phone number that was used for text verification. This means that customers will actually get emails or texts you send when you're ready to touch base and offer them something great.
Business Management Platform Gives Owners Full Control
Upon signing up for using the Searchbounce Social Wifi platform we will create a business owner account for you to access. This allows you to download things like the full name, email address, age and user interests as well as allowing you to manage the complete login process, make day-to-day changes and gives you the ability to customize and test the handful of features that our platform has. Everything from designing a custom login page, how users can access your wifi, redirecting users to a specific webpage or playing a video after login. All of these things can of course be handled by the Searchbounce team.
Advertise & Run Video Promotions After User Login 
One of the best features is the option to re-direct users to a specific webpage or require them to watch a video, similar to how Youtube ads work. Whether it's an upcoming event, a loyalty reward or a simple message from the owner saying thank you this is a great way to communicate to your customers.
Easiest Set-Up Possible. Plug In the Router & You're Live
You don't have to be a millennial to make this all work. The routers that make this all possible are pre-configured with our propriety software, you'll be up and running within 30 minutes of plugging in the Searchbounce Social Wifi router. After that we'll work with you to understand your needs. Some businesses have the capacity to handle everything after the initial setup with the tutorials that we provide. We also offer complete management options for businesses that just want to run their business while retargeting campaigns automatically take place without ever having to log into their business account.
256-Bit Encryption Security & Customer Trust
No one will be stealing information or data across the Searchbounce Social Wifi routers. 256-bit encryption is the top of line, read more about online. Also it's 2016, spamming and unwanted and retargeting ads with nothing to offer don't work. The social wifi platform is meant for creating more targeted ads and creating better relationships with your existing customers in a way that wasen't possible before. This is something to feel great about, customers love free wifi and need it to run their mobile apps & video and in exchange they get targeted offers, discounts and deals. The business owners get a chance to connect and run promotions that will provide value. It's a win-win and customers will always have the option to unroll from future offers which is as simple as clicking a link at the bottom of the offer.


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